I'm a recent graduate of the Engagement Journalism master's program at the Newmark J-School in New York City, where I worked with the community of people in recovery from substance use disorders. While there, I interned in the production department at StoryCorps, helping to produce the weekly segment for NPR's Morning Edition. 


Before pursuing a master's, I was a freelance, multimedia journalist abroad with the support of Round Earth Media (of the International Women's Media Foundation). I was also the trusty side-kick (editorial assistant) for Deca, a global journalism collective of ten award-winning magazine journalists.


You can read about my insights into serving the community of people in recovery  here, browse my freelance clips here and listen to the rough cuts I created at StoryCorps here (password protected).

Engagement journalism has been my M.O. since before I knew the term. For my undergraduate honors thesis I profiled  the housekeeping staff at Mount Holyoke College and created a listening event called "Missing Stories." It brought students, staff and faculty together in acknowledgement of the housekeepers' critical but largely invisible contributions to the mission of a residential women's college. It also gave working-class students a forum for discussing their experiences on campus. 

I am motivated by a vision of journalism as a broadly inclusive service to the public that facilitates the exchange of information, holds power to account and brings people and communities together. 

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